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Buying process

Although the purchase process can have additional aspects the basic process is outlined below.


As part of the journey, narrowing down the field and selecting your yacht can be a very enjoyable experience, if your relatively new to yachting, working with your broker, you will have envisioned how you will use your yacht, the scope of voyages and the type, design and style you prefer. This is a critical time to have a broker with extensive sea miles and a comprehensive knowledge of the current market, world wide quality manufacturers, yacht construction, valuations and transaction processes. Your broker will select a number of viewing candidates based on your criteria while keeping in mind resale value, maintenance needs and actual current value. Visiting the selected yachts with (the very rare) broker who has the experience to do a pre inspection will inform you of the general condition and if it is advisable to continue with the expense of haul out and survey. The advice he offers allows you to make the right choice from the start.

This is also the time to discuss tax concerns, flag state, berthing, support and insurance among other considerations.

Offer to purchase

By this time you will have found the "one" your broker will have worked with you on your offer price, this is typically backed with a secured 10% deposit at time of offer.

Your broker will also advise on the various contingencies and requirements of the offer.

Once the details of the offer are accepted we then move onto survey and sea trial.


Your broker will provide a list of reputable licensed marine surveyors and advise on the strengths of each. this is a critical stage to asses the integrity and factual condition of the yacht and her equipment. This can involve many surveyors from various disciplines. The results obtained can lead to further negotiations to your benefit that will be discussed between you and your broker.

Sea Trial

This is the time to take the yacht out and put her through her paces. checking all systems underway, evaluating her running specifications and getting a feel for her underway. If all is acceptable we sign off and move on to closing.


After all requirements of the survey and sea trial and negotiations have been met, Insurance and other requirements are in place, it is time to sign off, pay the balance and head towards..... 


Liberation at last! Now is the time to get out and enjoy what your yacht was made for!

Liberation Yachts will be there every step of the journey for support, advice and assistance.

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